Mastermind Your Life

Mastermind Your Life

Mastermind Your Life: We only get to Live life once, so how do we live a life worth living, that inspires others and makes us proud. With Hard Hitting questions and a great sense of humor Tolu Owoyemi, tackles life's hardest questions, such as mindset, business, relationships, and more with Binge-worthy Entrepreneurs,Athletes,Scientists,Doctors, and more.


Episode 24 - Josh‌ ‌D‌ ‌Brown‌ ‌From Prison to Purpose

July 25, 2021

Born in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Josh D. Brown was an athlete whose, addiction landed him in prison. His journey towards change began within those four walls, where he joined a pragmatic program that transformed him. Thereby, enabling him to encourage other offenders to become the best version…

Episode 23 - Justin Blake - Six Sigma Specialist

July 18, 2021

Justin Blake is founder of the Operational Excellence and Design Management Group (OEDM Group) that launched in Washington, District of Columbia in 2018. It is a process reengineering firm that aids federal government agencies and commercial organizations in optimizing enterprise processes to incre…

Kyle King Author Coach -How to Write a Best Selling Book

July 12, 2021

Kyle Scott King is a father, educator, mentor, best-selling author, public speaker, as well as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The SHINE Institute headquartered in Charlotte, NC. He also currently serves as the Dean of Students at one of Charlotte’s premier Charter Schools, Queen City ST…

Episode 21 - Vonetta King Fortune 500, and Serial Entrepreneur

July 5, 2021

Vonetta King, is killing the Game, a Fortune 500 IT Auditor and a Serial Entrepreneur, that Has Multiple Businesses including Vk Tech Management Solutions, Paws Walking Co, and the first black women owned Privacy Cigar Lounge that is currently being built in Atlanta, across from Rick Ross's Mansion…

Episode 20 - Jimmy Hepburn How to Master Network Marketing

June 28, 2021

Jimmy Hepburn joined Total Life Changes (TLC) in July 2015 when he was on vacation in the Caribbean. His friend offered him some Iaso® Tea, and he lost weight, so he ordered some more. He then encouraged his mom to join TLC as well, and his first month as a Life Changer was very productive: “During…

Episode 19 - Coach Ev How to Build Your Brand 2021 !

June 19, 2021

Evan S. Brown is an entrepreneurial mastermind. He is the CEO and Founder of Vision Birthers—a consulting firm that focuses on providing strategies and solutions for individuals and businesses as well as The Vision Institute, an online resource academy to equip the everyday man to excel in every ar…

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