Mastermind Your Life

Mastermind Your Life

Mastermind Your Life: We only get to Live life once, so how do we live a life worth living, that inspires others and makes us proud. With Hard Hitting questions and a great sense of humor Tolu Owoyemi, tackles life's hardest questions, such as mindset, business, relationships, and more with Binge-worthy Entrepreneurs,Athletes,Scientists,Doctors, and more.

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Episode 32 - Cierra Saey The Coach’s Copywriter

Sept. 21, 2021

When it comes to messaging, sales copy, coaching and consulting, Cierra Seay is a budding thought leader and expert in the space. She has been the secret weapon behind several successful launches from your favorite coaches a…

Episode 31- Rob Boyd Empowering the Community Financially

Sept. 14, 2021

Rob Boyd is an Entrepreneur that Builds programs meant to financially empower the next Generations. - Howard University as an undergrad (The Real HU) - Early career frustration in "Corporate America" with the largest real es…

Episode 30 - Jalen Clark of Black Wealth Renaissance

Sept. 7, 2021

I interview Jalen Clark,1/4 of the fastest-growing podcast in America - Black Wealth Renaissance Upon graduating from College Jalen quickly realized the corporate life was not a place for him since he is constantly challengi…

Episode 29 - Derrick Johnson What it means to Be a Real Estate Land Developer !

Aug. 29, 2021

Don't forget to subscribe, leave a rating and a review! This episode with Derrick Johnson was great! He observed his aunt own 12 rental properties as a kid and when he got to college, he realized that he wanted to be an inve…

Episode 28 - VENDHER How to Build Multiple Streams of Income

Aug. 23, 2021

Rarri and Maya's goal is to help people build wealth using multiple streams of income. They believe there is enough money for all of us and there is absolutely no need to not share the knowledge they have with everyone, fo…

Episode 27 - Kay R From the Streets of Philadelphia to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

Aug. 16, 2021

KAYR (pronounced KAY-R), co-founder of KAYJAY Consulting, is a stellar example of a young professional who has benefited from working on Wall Street and building a multi-million dollar real estate investment company with cur…

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