March 17, 2021


Death is inevitable, to be honest this is the truth, not in a pessimistic way but in a this is a normalcy of life, it really is people talk about Life so Much but rarely talk about death why is that, what is it about death that is so frightening to the masses, all around me  see baby showers and welcoming new life, but death is not celebrated, its swept under the rug , make its because once you die, there is no return, it tells us about the finality of life, it is the final period, it is the closing of your book. 

What about that frightens people, theres no do over, thats it, theres no longer the chance to partake and contribute to life. A million questions run through the mind, Did i live my life in a way i am proud off,  Did i accomplish my Goals, What is My Legacy, Did i leave the Legacy, I desired to do so, what about my children ?  Many people pass without having ever left a legacy, that why many are afraid to talk about it, because they passed away like a gust of wind, and with nothing to show for it, and deep down a lot of the masses know that this is their fate as well.