Feb. 9, 2021

Episode 2 - Air BnB Multi-Millionaire Expert Chris Thomas

Episode 2 - Air BnB Multi-Millionaire Expert Chris Thomas

From a Mom Addicted to Methamphetamine and men and Chris going through juvenile hall at a young age , Chris has had to navigate and overcome difficulties and setbacks his entire life including two failed businesses before he struck it huge with Airbnb investing , Chris Thomas is the epitome of never give up.  Often times when people go through traumatic situations in life, they never recover and are swallowed by events beyond their control.

Not only was Chris at a young age able to overcome these Challenges he used it as fuel and motivation to push him to the next level ! Multi-Millionaire is just one of the words used to describe Chris Today!

In this episode you will learn :

🔥How to go from Failure to Success
🔥How to Visualize your Future
🔥How to Choose your friends Carefully
🔥How to Analyze Airbnb Potential Properties
🔥How to convince landlords to transition into Airbnb
🔥The Best Systems and Tools to Grow Your Airbnb Business

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