July 25, 2021

Episode 24 - Josh‌ ‌D‌ ‌Brown‌ ‌From Prison to Purpose

Episode 24 - Josh‌ ‌D‌ ‌Brown‌ ‌From Prison to Purpose

Born in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Josh D. Brown was an athlete whose, addiction landed him in prison. His journey towards change began within those four walls, where he joined a pragmatic program that transformed him. 

Thereby, enabling him to encourage other offenders to become the best versions of themselves. He saw prison as an opportunity to redirect his life by choosing the right path. 

 He blames privilege, for blinding he and those around him, to the negative consequences of his harmful behaviors. Which, in turn, made him boastful about being a functional drinker. 

 Joshua wants people to learn about his journey and find motivation to begin their own journey towards change.

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