Sept. 7, 2021

Episode 30 - Jalen Clark of Black Wealth Renaissance

Episode 30 - Jalen Clark of Black Wealth Renaissance

I interview Jalen Clark,1/4 of the fastest-growing podcast in America - Black Wealth Renaissance

 Upon graduating from College Jalen quickly realized the corporate life was not a place for him since he is constantly challenging the rules and thinking of ways to innovate. He felt limited and unchallenged in some positions. I have tried many hands at entrepreneurship and learned plenty of lessons through those ventures.

He joined BWR In February of 2019 through one of my bestfriend's David Bellard.  My main reasoning for joining Black Wealth Renaissance is to make a difference in someone’s life who could benefit from the tools and resources our platform was providing.  He knows the black community is severely underserved and highly overlooked when it comes to resources, education and opportunities, so we Took on the responsibility of proving those necessities.

We do this through providing courses and resources to educate oneself. We also highlight successful African-American entrepreneurs and business professionals. Providing examples and role models for the youth and their parents is pivotal in changing the narrative.Jalen looks to spread the message of financial literacy to anyone who is willing to learn.  He is beyond blessed to be on this team and can’t wait to see the impact He has on others.
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Jalen bought so much heat to the table I had to re-watch and take notes. What an Epic session.